About Us

Common Parks was borne out of a shared love for the vast landscape of our National Parks.

You know that feeling of awe when you're standing at the top of a mountain, or that rush of excitement when you're hiking up a trail and a sudden rainstorm hits? That's what Common Parks is all about. We're here to celebrate those incredible moments in nature that just take your breath away.

Being a Public Benefit Corporation means that we have a commitment to not only our shareholders but also to a greater good – in our case, the conservation and celebration of parkland, wildlife and our National Parks. This structure allows us to balance commercial success with environmental stewardship. Every decision we make, from design to production, is influenced by our dedication to supporting and preserving the natural beauty of parklands. By choosing to operate as a Public Benefit Corporation, we hold ourselves accountable to higher standards of purpose, transparency, and responsibility. It's a commitment that goes beyond words, embedded in our incorporating framework and business model.

Common Parks is proud to give back to the parklands through contributions and donations to organizations such as the National Park Service Foundation.

Meet our Team

We're a small team, but we're hugely passionate - if this seems like your kind of environment please consider taking a look at our open positions here!

David O'Weger
Chief Park Protector


Becky Haskell

Alyssa Gonzalez


Brian Holstein